Review: Who would be afraid of a wolf [EN]

For the beginning i have to mention, that i usually don’t like czech films. Not that i think they’re not good, iam just not interested in them. I prefer films taking place in a different environment, foreign countries or fantastic worlds (iam czech, btw). But when it is a movie written and directed by my sister, it is a time to make an exception.

And so i did. The premiere took a place in Palace Cinemas Slovanský dům in Prague. The movie’s main story is quite simple. But by showing us how a small girl called Terezka understands and experiences it, it becomes interesting. It tells us, how a kid perceives the issues of its parents, when her mothers old friend suddenly appears and reminds her of her singing career, abandoned because of motherhood and more… The movie excellently depicts the easily influenceable world the young Terezka lives in. Her obsession with the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood and her friend from kindergarten who knows a bit too much about aliens further dramatize her life. The simple theme slowly changes into drama with a little too short but happy ending. During the entire movie, original and playful graphic effects are offering another glimpse into the kids mental processes or into the fairy tale, if you wish.

I have only one major objection, and that is the weaker description of main characters. The mother, who you are for the entire movie trying to like, always disappoints beyond all understanding. And Patrik is like if he just walked out of some book about an evil wizard. He does nothing more than cast one evil spell after another. But we have to remember that it is not just a movie about kids, but also for them, so they were probably aiming for certain simplicity. The kid acting is believable, except for a few dialogues, which is in this case necessary for immersing into the story.

As i said, it is one of the many movies i would never pick myself, but one of the few ones that when i watch them, i enjoy it and afterall, iam glad i’ve seen it. Romantic family drama that you don’t have to be afraid to watch. 7/10.

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