SOE Podcast – Valuable information source [EN]

The official SOE Podcast has reached it’s 52th episode. It’s all about holidays, the celebrations in various SOE games (and we finally have a great celebration in SWG – Wookiee Life Day), some usual (but funny) trashtalk and another two interviews with SOE employes. It’s been more than a year since i started to regularly listen to this podcast and i found out that it is a very valuable information source. Not just because i know most of the SOE games and iam interested in their future development, but also because it’s often the only way to get certain information. They always summarize all the important official news in all SOE games and also offer an inside look into SOE, into their work culture and inside structure. The interviews with various employes, from designers to game masters (including hamsters powering the servers) are a very necessary experience for a hardcore gamer. Theres no other place to find so much official information about all the happenings inside SOE. We all know SOE from outside and it’s not been only comfortable experience… their podcast offers us the inside look.

SOE Podcast website

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