Darfkall is coming [EN]

On 15th February, preorders for the next hardcore sandbox MMOG are starting. It has been in the works since 2003 by the Greek team Aventurine. I didn’t know them either. But hey, it is a hardcore sandbox fantasy mmorpg with a HUGE world (maybe comparable with SWG), about 500 skills… yes, finally something skill based again. Free for all PvP, karma system, conquestable player cities, crafting, decay, naval battles, great AI and FPS combat. The game launches on 25th February, so we shall see, will it be Darkfall or Darkfail? With all the failing MMOs around us, there’s nothing certain. But ever since i started playing SWG i have never been looking forward to any game like this. Will it be the return of sandbox? Our guild URNA can be found here.

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