Unexpected Idiocy #001 [EN]

For me, the queen among them all is certain stupidity made by Sony Online Entertainment. Since 2005, SOE has been using the same website system for all of their MMO games. Iam sure that has a lot of benefits, however these are overshadowed by a single little bug. It has been partially fixed by now, but it already cost them a lot of money.

Back then they decided to improve the accessibility of their websites for games EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Star WarsGalaxies, PlanetSide and TheMatrixOnline by adding automatic detection of your browsers language settings. The catch is that they forgot about all the other languages except english, german and french.

If you are using czech, slovak, hungarian, polish, spanish or any other language in your browser, tough luck, you won’t see the website or it won’t work. No wonder the european server for PlanetSide is dead with nobody playing on it, when huge majority of the european players can’t even access the official website of the game. Remember, you have to buy and regularly pay for this game over the internet, so except for other digital download services like Steam or Direct to Drive, you have no way to get to this game. This is about to change with the Station launcher in betatesting, but they will have to work thrice so hard on proving its quality, when most of their products official websites don’t work. When someone is considering purchase of an online game, maybe he would still like to visit its website.

This unbeliavable idiocy is even worse, when we know, that there are people at SOE who are working really hard on making their services better. What is the point of any hard work on an online service, when its official website doesn’t work? Not to mention their “famous” Quality Assurance, Compatibility Lab and what else, when they haven’t fixed this defect.

Since 2005, SOE has acquired online games Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Pirates of the Burning Sea and they have successfully expanded their idiocy in internet presentations onto these games.

Until now, they have managed to fix some of their websites, but these still don’t work correctly (with browser in czech and most of the other worlds languages):


How many hundreds of thousands of dollars have they lost because of this?

And if you’re unaware of the situation of MMOG gaming in middle Europe, even there are already tens of thousands of players of all ages paying for their monthly MMOG subscriptions. Games like WoW expansions, WAR or AoC were being sold at midninght of the launch day. But not the games with broken official websites.

If you know any similar bug ala unexpected idiocy, if it makes you regularly laugh or hate it, waste no time and write about it in a comment or at my mail address josef.vaculikATdargnon.cz.

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