McDonald’s is changing image [EN]

McDonald’s has announced the change of its classic red/black color for a green color (with black again?), to show their new respect for nature and ecology. Also, they say, they will add more greenery into the interiors of their restaurants and change some of the ingredients for more ecologic ones.

What is there to say? Maybe, that they finally gave up, and decided to only try to appeal to those customers, who are really able to believe this nonsense and eat their “food”. More and more brands are trying to hide behind the “ecologic green”, while they’re not interested in ecology at all, only in this shallow image and marketing strategy. If anyone wants to save this planet, they first need to know, what is the problem.

The change will at first take place in Germany, so it might take a few years before we see a green McDonald’s, if we ever see it. It will be interesting.

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