Not knowing is not an excuse, but just knowing is not enough either

Nevědomost neomlouvá, jen vědět, to ale taky nestačí

I value freedom, knowledge, productivity, experience, skills, creativity, exceptionality, dedication, passion, power, health.

What brings me joy is thinking, analyzing and creative work.

Then, videogames, sci-fi, writing fiction, running and fitness, adrenaline, thrill and music.

I like meeting or learning about inspiring people and I am fascinated by humanity’s struggle for survival, on this planet and beyond.

This blog

This is a piece of space and time under my control, my archive. Here I am free to write about varying topics of interest, often things I believe are overlooked. Here I can play with words and meanings.

Here, my goal is  to look at the world from less usual angles.

My blog started in 2005 at as an archive for my work for gaming portals.

I adore things that last, yet…

…winning requires adaptation, and in the end…

…the goal is the journey

In 2004 I have started as an editor for various Czech MMO gaming websites, done my share of in-game currency and game account trading, enjoyed being a content editor and moderator for Czech gaming TV PG24, worked for portals about electronics and later joined Wargaming Europe to work in Customer Support, Community and Content departments.


In memory of Star Wars Galaxies: