Star Wars – The Last Jedi (review) – The worst Star Wars movie

Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi is in my opinion by far the worst Star Wars movie. Reasons being the excess of childish humour, wasteful treatment of many of the best characters and disrespect to the Star Wars heritage. But to not be overly negative, for every negative thing, I also mention one positive aspect. Oh, and the review is in Czech only. Sorry.

Unavowed (review) – Is it even a game?

Compared to the previous Wadjet Eye titles, Unavowed has improved graphics, varying environments and deep characters, but that doesn’t compensate for missing active game mechanics. Unavowed has minimum of inventory interaction, few puzzles, very low difficulty and mostly consists of running from one character to another to listen to their troubles, which, due to the rapid pace of the game, can’t matter to you very much. You spend more time in dialogues (which have little impact on the game), than by thinking and actively playing. Intstead of a player, you become a reader, even with the 100 % dabing. One of the reasons I enjoy adventure games is the feeling of making progress in the game based on what I have discovered and solved, but there is nothing to solve here, you only have to click on all the characters. But more in my videoreview (Czech).

Star Wars – Rogue One (review) – the best SW by Disney?

Disney has since its acquisition of Star Wars released 4 Star Wars movies and Rogue One is my favorite of them. Why? It is the most sci-fi and the most serious of them. It is a dark, war sci-fi with realistic characters, easily resembling second world war. We also get a battle with all those classic Star Wars machines from the 70s and 80s, yet with brand new visual effects. The biggest benefit of this movie is how it gives us more detailed look at various Star Wars elements. The Rebel Aliance for one, are no longer “white knights”, but a mix of outcasts, ex-politicians and even criminals. We also get a new look at the Force. And we even get to learn something about Darth Vader himself. But more in the video review itself. As usually, it is just in Czech language.

Unavowed – New, classic 2D adventure (gameplay)

Studio WadjetEye Games is known for the classical point-and-click story based adventure games with gorgeous, atmospheric, painted 2D graphics.  They have published a whole lot of them and received many awards. Some of the games to mention – Gemini Rue, Technobabylon or Shardlight. They don’t use any newer technology or features, they stick to 2D and point-and-click puzzle solving with rich character dialogue. And surprisingly, it is still appreciated, plenty of older gamers (like me lol) still love these games. This sort of game experience is very close to reading a book, while it also isn’t a primitive game – you have to think quite a bit and sometimes get stuck for a while. Now, the studio has been working for over two years on a new sci-fi/fantasy adventure – Unavowed. It has been released just yesterday and I had to try it out. In comparison to their other games, Unavowed seems to have quite low difficulty at least at the start of the game, but the story flows pleasantly smoothly.  All the published reviews seem to be positive so far, the graphics are even nicer than usually and supposedly, the adventure game mechanics are more advanced, we shall see. Anyway, there is a video of my first hour of gameplay (in Czech) and I am looking forward to playing more.

Overwatch – Play of The Game #2

With a couple of friends, we have started playing Overwatch when it was released in 2016. Since then, most of them stopped playing it, either got bored or the competitive games were too hard for them. Therefore, I am playing alone. Last year, I had to split my FPS gaming time between Star Citizen, Battlefront 2 and OW, but now I am playing only this, therefore even when I play only a couple of games each week, I have reached level 250, but with just the poor rank of around 2000. It has to do with me playing alone and with sticking to just three or four heroes that I like. Anyway, to treat myself and to brush up on my videoediting skills, I have made a second POTG mix video. If anyone wants to play with me, I will be happy to – Dargnon#2163

Trying out sprint and recap of 2017

2017 was a slow year, even though I have been running fast. In April I wrote about how have i shortened my training runs and this is pretty much what I kept to for the rest of the year. Overall, I went for 126 runs and ran 1035 km, much less than the 2048 km in 2016.

It seems like a step back, but I have greatly enjoyed the tempo of 4 min/km (15 km/h). Another thing I tried was sprinting, and I am going to share my experience here: I was surprised, just how different discipline it is!

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My journey to Star Wars


There are many people like me, who have had their lives greatly influenced by fictional worlds like Star Wars, Star Trek, StarGate, Lord of the Rings and others.  Still, I don’t feel like a typical “geek”. For example, I am not interested in superheroes, I also don’t watch zombie TV series.

And while I have seen the 300+ episodes of StarGate multiple times, I was unable to follow Game of Thrones for very long. There are way too many characters for me to keep up with. In general, I try every Sci-Fi/Fantasy IP/universe that comes out and I like some of them more, some less.

However, my favorite fantastic world is without any doubt Star Wars.

The original Star Wars are archetypical, ancient stories of people, their zeal for power and their love in a rich world with inspiring environments and retro sci-fi technology. It is sort of a “second world war in space”. It is not supposed to be a rational vision of future technology, it’s more like an alternative history, a well known epic tale, just in space.

But, throughout the decades, Star Wars have established their own world with its own history, philosophy and style. The Star Wars phenomenon has also been for a long time about the devoted fan culture and our own experiences and friendships. Myself, I have had so many memories associated with it, that it is really a part of my life.

And today, I am here to start my Star Wars series with a story, how did I discover them and how they fascinated me…

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The second halfmarathon didn’t go so well (2017)

Last year I ran my first halfmarathon, as I wrote. I woudn’t be interested in it on my own. It is on Saturday, in the morning, a lot of people, 11 thousand runners. I dislike when during the weekend, I have to do something at a precise hour. And you even have to pay for it. But since we were running as a team from our company, I did it.

Last year it went quite well, since I used to train 2-3 times a week on a 18 km route, so 21 km wasn’t any different. And when you add the dinosaur dosage of adrenaline from the crowd around and well composed playlist in my music player, it is easy to perform much better. And so I ended around the 180th place. This year, I ended up around 550th. How so?

Life is a change and by the end of the last year I reduced my training to merely 8 km route. For several reasons. The long run without any extra motivation wasn’t entertaining anymore, you run out of adrenaline after some time and life is simply too short for that. Then I discovered, I get the same endorphines and joy out of running a shorter rub. When it is more intensive, you constantly push the limits and never get bored. I speak for myself, some people prefer longer routes, hats down to Derfel, Mirek.

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Heaven belongs to happy people

For being from Prague, I know a bit about religion. I am actually baptized, for one year I have attended a Catholic elementary school in Germany, later on I have studied for two years on a Jewish high-school.

Yet, I am a very rational person.

Every single day, my thoughts somehow wander to the ideas of god, faith, good and evil, how happiness, what to do with life and so on.

Already some time ago I have logically concluded the following.

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