Unexpected Idiocy #000 [EN]

Today, idea about another interesting series for Virtual Zone (this blog) came to me. It will be about unexpected idiocy – unexpected stupid bugs, catastrophic deficiencies, unimaginable neglections and similar striking defects in the world of PC games, software and internet.

Surely you too have encountered some insane, unexpected and very annoying bugs in some software, game, user interface, on some website or somewhere else. We don’t have to be developers to recognise them, laugh at them or helplessly hate them.

And because there must be hundreds and thousands of these defects, i have armed myself with a three-figure episode counter for this series. The first episode will arrive into the Zone soon.

If you know any similar bug ala unexpected idiocy, if it makes you regularly laugh or hate it, waste no time and write about it in a comment or at my mail address josef.vaculikATdargnon.cz.