Why no SWG expansion in 2009? [EN only]

My recent thread on the Star Wars Galaxies forums, again about the expansion problems.

Why no expansion in 2009? (stats inside)

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Defender_of_reality wrote:

Can we expect expansion in 2009?



Why not?

SWG has the 3rd largest playerbase of all SOE games, after EQ2 and EQ. These two games are getting expansions every year.

Then there is a number of games with smaller player bases (Matrix Online, Vanguard, PlanetSide…).

A lot has improved in SWG since 2006 and you can no longer say that SWG is dead, because it is not. There are too many active players and too many active accounts for it to be dead.

For many of us, players, the game has finally moved past the survival point and BACK to the LIVE side and avoided death in any close future. The FCTS will help a lot to let players enjoy the game fully again.

From this point of view, there is no reason for no regular expansion. I don’t think the number of active accounts is too low to not cover the cost of its development. I would say SWG has about 70-120k active accounts, but more importantly i really think that

EQ and EQ2 each have only about 2 maybe 3 times more active accounts than SWG.


1. Check the forum activity. SWG always has more users and guests online than EQ or EQ2. For example right now:

SWG: There are 1,138 online users: 373 registered, 765 guest(s)

EQ2: There are 717 online users: 111 registered, 606 guest(s)

EQ: There are 175 online users: 68 registered, 107 guest(s)

OK, we all know SWG is still a sandbox, so there are much more developed communities and it is Star Wars, so there is hell of a lot more to talk about than in EQ games. Basically, much higher % of SWG players uses the forums than % of EQ/2 players.

2. 2008 Fan Faire Live Stream

I was watching it live at about 5 AM in the morning, with my friends and SWG was the 3RD most important game there! They were talking first about EQ and EQ2, about their progress and expansions and then about SWG.

No mention of the other games at all, only about the ones in development.

3. Check Xfire stats. (http://www.xfire.com/games/)

Again, much higher % of SWG players uses Xfire than % of EQ/2 players. Why? I can only guess that SWG players are more “hardcore gamers” than EQ/2 players, if EQ/2 players are less inclined to use Xfire to track their gaming activity (i use xfire because it counts the hours i spend playing various games, it provides contact list, IM, allows to record and broadcast live videos from game and take screenshots and more…). This doesn’t mean we have more players than EQ/2, just that if we have more people using Xfire in a LONG TERM, we can’t have that many less players overall! And believe me, Xfire IS a trustworthy stats source, just check them out if you wish. Even Massivelly .com uses them to make charts.

Right now:

Xfire Rank
#66 up from #75 yesterday
Highest: #8 on 2004-08-02
Xfire users playing per day

Minutes played per day

Xfire Rank
#89 down from #88 yesterday
Highest: #10 on 2005-01-06
Xfire users playing per day

Minutes played per day

Xfire Rank
#130 up from #160 yesterday
Highest: #17 on 2004-04-07
Xfire users playing per day

Minutes played per day