Bitva o Quarendel

Noční bitva o Quarendel byla rychlá. Jeho obyvatelé ho téměř nebránili a nájezdy SUNů a Zagendy byly díky početní převaze lehce odraženy. Lux Arcana tedy připojila ke svému království tento hamlet. Nym při tom natočil krásné videjko, které názorně ukazuje, že většina času v Darkfallu padne na přípravu, cestování, organizaci a vyčkávání. Boj je až samotným vyvrcholením bitvy. Stejně tak, jako v reálných bitvách. Vše je vlastně rozhodnuto už před začátkem boje.

Příští boje ale budou mnohem tužší!

19 minutové video z bitvy zde

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Age of Conan Castle Siege

Few days ago in the afternoon, our unprepared forces were informed about a siege of our ally’s Battleep that should begin shortly. Within about 25 minutes, we managed to get together a raid of 15+ members, mostly levels 75+. It wasnt much but our ally – WarCry, told us that anything will be usefull, as our shared enemies – RUS Corp, Anathema and Axeman are marching against them with many full raids. Fortunatelly WarCry has other allies who were more prepared than we were (as we were told about the siege way too late), the guilds Jatulit, MEH and Covenants of Mordi, who brought in their own raids.

Our unexperienced and badly equipped force was given the task of defending the one and only free resspoint in the instance – near Caenn village. Not long after arriving there, our scouts spotted the Axeman horde approaching. They were outnumbering us and had higher levels, but a WarCry officer sent a force of Covenants to support us in the defense of this strategic position. With them, we managed to hold the rez for like 30 minutes, with minor casualties on both sides, because of the lag… Really, while FPS (pc performance) wasnt as bad as we were expecting, the server lag (long responce time) was extreme and for melee classes, it was almost unplayable.

Anyway, Axeman eventually received a reinforcement of some RUS Corp groups and invaded our position in massive numbers. We retreated to help WarCry defend their keep, however even if we had arrived sooner, it wouldnt help much. Due to the bugs in the Siege system, RUS Corp and Anathema raids broke into the castle and while lagging thei nstance with their spells, started to destroy the city. More of our or friendly forces werent even able to enter the battlefield, as all “slots” were taken – the instance limit was lifted from 96, its currently at 200-300 or so and not distributed between two “teams”, but “who comes first gets the slot”. Due to this and to the extreme lag, our allies werent able to defend the bugged castle (you can walk through some of the walls). Fortunatelly, the enemy didnt manage to capture it in the time limit!

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Screenshots from the battle